Sale Process For Small Businesses

Phase I


            Step 1            Weeks 1-3                 Record Collection, Market Research & Strategy




            Step 2*           Weeks 3-4                 Preliminary Valuation



Phase II


Step 3*           Weeks 1-3                 Confidential Business Review




Step 4*           Weeks 4-5                 Identification of Synergistic Candidates




            Step 5            Weeks 6-8                 Confidential Approach To Qualified Prospects




            Step 6            Weeks 9-12               Initial Deal Parameters & Negotiations




            Step 7            Weeks 13-16             Deal Structuring & Letter of Intent




            Step 8            Weeks 17-21             Due Diligence




            Step 9            Weeks 21-29             Definitive Agreement




            Step 10          Weeks 30-31             Closing And Transition To New Ownership




*Steps 2, 3 & 4 often occur simultaneously. Note: These are estimates only; timetables may be accelerated or decelerated to take into account client needs or Market conditions.




In order to expedite the sale of your business please submit the following information (where applicable).



            A.  Financial Statements


______            1.  Annual financial statements for the past three to five years


______            2.  Federal income tax returns for the same period of years


______            3.  Interim statements (monthly and/or quarterly)


            B.  Other information


______            4.  List of  loans (if any)


______            5.  Inventory list


______            6.  Supplier/Vendor List


______            7.  Equipment list- by item, by category- with replacement cost


______            8.  Copies of real and personal property tax assessments


______            9.  Copies of appraisal reports, if any


ญญญญญญญ______            10.  Copies of leases, loan agreements, franchise or distributorship agreements, contracts with customers and/or suppliers, buy/sell agreements, employment non-competition agreements, etc.


______            11.  Product or service brochures, catalogs, price lists, menus, product samples, announcements, etc.  (as applicable)


______            12.  List of trade association memberships and industry information sources


______            13.  Licenses and operating permits



H.   Name and Business Telephone Numbers of the Following Persons


______            14.  Attorney


______            15.  Landlord


______            16.  Accounting