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What Does An M&A Specialist Do?

How Can Elite Help With Business Sale Or Recapitalization?

Above anything, M&A advisors are business marketing experts who bring the best out of your business. At Elite, we specialize in using proven and creative marketing strategies to maximize the business value and your take home.

M&A Specialists Bring In Considerable Deal Specific Expertise. We:

  Offer expert valuation services to set a baseline valuation and look at the business from acquirer's view point to ensure that you get top dollar for your business

  Understand the value of hard and soft assets and highlight the value elements that may not immediately be visible to acquirers

  Have strong negotiating skills and understand the emotional issues of the parties and use every soft and hard issue to make the most hay for our customers

  Understand the credit markets and various financing options that may be possible and their implications on the deal

  Appreciate and understand the complexity of business mergers and acquisitions

M&A Specialist Can Maximize Business Value By:

  Orchestrating a well thought out presale planning

  Recasting financials for maximum benefit

  Putting together powerful marketing package that brings the best out of your company

  Using proprietary databases with screened and qualified mid-market acquirers

  Further increasing acquirer pool by marketing to wider audience using the Internet as well as a network of M&A intermediaries, brokers and other industry contacts.

  Working to bring in competing offers to drive up the value of the business

  Putting together deal structures to minimize tax consequences (many times this alone can make a 20%-40% swing in your take home)

M&A Specialists Enable Deal Making By:

  Elucidating what is being sold - describe the historical and sell the future

  Maintaining objectivity though tough times and provide reasonableness and sanity

  Acting as a buffer between parties and allowing parties to make informed decisions

  Having affiliations with other M&A professionals who can enable/facilitate a deal

  Staying in contact with deal related specialists and being constantly on the hunt to provide workable options and maximize your return.

M&A Specialists Help With Transaction Management By:

  Helping maintain confidentiality in the deal

  Knowing what's needed to satisfy the needs of acquirers/financiers and other parties related to the deal and gathering the necessary information at an appropriate without losing the momentum in the deal

  Coordinating and facilitating activities of associated specialists and advisors such as: accountants, tax attorneys, transaction attorneys, lenders, landlords, insurance carriers, escrow processors, etc.

  Providing the experience and knowledge necessary to be able to manage and control the issues that pop up in deals.

  Assisting the acquirer in dealing with service providers, governmental agencies, and regulatory agencies and facilitating an orderly transfer

  Handling most of the acquirer interactions to permit you to continue your focus on running your business

Chak Reddy is a Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor with Elite Mergers & Acquisitions, Inc. Elite Mergers & Acquisitions specializes in selling and recapitalizing businesses with revenues between $5 million and $100 million - Businesses too large for business brokers to adequately handle but too small for the national M&A firms. Mr. Reddy is a business M&A and Marketing expert, and is the chief deal maker at Elite. You can reach Mr. Reddy at 916-220-3052 or by email at creddy@elitemanda.com .

For assistance with selling or recapitalizing your mid market company, contact:

Chakradher (Chak) Reddy

Elite Mergers & Acquisitions Inc

creddy@EliteMandA.com www.EliteMandA.com

2260 E. Bidwell St #1114, Folsom CA 95630

Ph: 800-335-3068; Fax: 888-502-3817


Disclaimer: This document is for informational purpose only and should not be construed as tax or legal advice. Please contact your CPA/attorney for advice on your specific situation.